HM Quickshifter GP


As used in MotoGP, The HM GP Shifter has programmable kill times for each gear going up and separately going down the gearbox. On top of this we have the new revolutionary HMSS system

A basic quickshifter works by killing of the ignition for a certain period of time in order to relieve stress on the gear box, thus allowing the pressure on the gear lever / selector drum to slip the transmission into the next gear without grinding or chipping gear teeth / dogs.

The ignition kill time is a somewhat crude parameter as one kill time for each gear must cover all gear changing eventualities / loads / rpm / rider actions – to this end we have developed the HM Seamless Shift algorithm.

The new HM Quickshifter GP has rewritten the rules when it comes to gear changing, the result being the most accurate, fastest, smoothest safest quickshifter by far.

Check out the HM official page for more information.

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